Today’s interview is with the author of an amazing book called It All Matters, Paul Cummings. If you’ve ever wondered about the answer to the following questions:

  • What are those dreams you would only dare to dream if there was no possibility of failure?
  • How can you live a life of real intention and purpose instead of duty and obligation?

Then, you’ll want to hear what Cummings has to say about these questions. In our interview, we discuss different life lessons, toolkits, strategies, and action plans you need to live a dynamic and compelling life. His book, It All Matters is essentially your personal guide for becoming the bold, powerful, unique, determined, and immensely successful person you were meant to be.

Why settle for a Level 5 when It All Matters can help you take the leap and amplify your life to volume Level 10? Throughout the interview, Paul Cummings shares his entertaining, personal stories that reveal how to live a life of real intention and purpose.

You have the ability to control your mindset. As Cummings explains, the formula for ultimate success is tied directly to your ability to think bigger and in more positive terms. You are the author of your destiny, it is not the circumstances of your life that shapes your outcomes; it is the way you choose to respond to the circumstances. He strives to  make you literally question yourself to new heights of greatness.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

We discuss strategies to discover what it takes to create your own unique future, to bury the stopping stones and uncover the stepping stones. Cummings outlines a positive pathway to your dreams that takes planning, practice, and preparation. Catch our interview here or below: