Today’s interview is with Charlie Birch, the co-founder/director of program development of Rebel + Connect. Her work with leaders of remote teams allows them to gain clarity of purpose when envisioning, designing, and implementing custom retreat programming. Being part of the Rebel + Connect leadership team allows her to pull from all her life experiences and areas of expertise to empower her clients to design and actualize innovative custom retreat programing.

Before joining forces with her co-founders to build Rebel + Connect, she worked remotely as a Data Entry Specialist, Independent Brand Ambassador, Youth Mentor, Executive Assistant, Health Coach, Life Coach, Vice President, and an Advisory Board Member.

In today’s interview, we focus on:

  • The unique human challenges of leading from a distance
  • Facilitating meaningful collaborations and strong team bonds amongst people who rarely meet face to face AND
  • Creating impactful company cultures that not only help you attract and retain the best talent but also provide team members with a sense of purpose

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