Today I talk to two disrupters and gamechangers (pun intended) in the gaming industry: Borris Bazelais and Michael Henry. 

As the Founder of WNDR, a 3D web-based technology, Mr. Borris Bazelais delivers instantly immersive moments to any user anywhere in the world within seconds.

The power of this technology will fuel WNDR, a new platform for publishers who want to create and distribute console quality games with a single click, and for consumers to enjoy games like never before. Now the world will be delivered instantly playable games without the need for any additional hardware, downloads, software or apps.

Mr. Bazelais’ Hollywood background includes creating, directing, and producing content. In 2009, he took big screen imagination and the excitement of the internet, and moved into the realm of Flash games and the created the original series, “Wall Street Massacre Murder Madoff.” The game became an instant success on the web with 25 million game plays and fan clubs around the world.

With a history as an ignitor of pop culture moments and how to revel in them,  Mr. Bazelais plan for the future will be indelible – the delivery of a multidimensional internet

Michael Henry WNDR’s co-founder and creative narrates the WNDR experience in its various forms and audiences in the simplest manner. A former People Magazine editor, Mr. Henry transforms gamer speak into pop culture word and connects WNDR with its targeted player –   the ‘premium casual gamer.’ From conception to user experience, Mr. Henry collaborates with the WNDR family to ensure that the technology, which is highly complex in nature, is brilliantly simple enough for the masses to have a powerful immersive game experience. A creative himself, Mr Henry believes that games are the next great canvases of expression and that the WNDR platform will be where great brands and minds collaborate, indies and established producers feel free to create dream games  – all of this shared with the world with a simple web link.

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