Today’s interview is with Stephen Garten. He is doing something really unique with his company Charity Charge. With his company, they produce a card that steers 1 percent of all purchases to nonprofits of the customer’s choice. The Charity Charge MasterCard issued by Commerce Bank is not limited to a single organization or cause — as with “affinity” cards — and there is no donation-processing fee, so recipient groups get the entire cash-back bonus. Consumers choose target charities when they sign up for the card and can change them at any time.

According to Garten, he just wants to make doing good part of the routine of everyday living and i’ll say he’s doing a great job at it. Currently, in the United States of America,; 200 million credit cardholders are better at accruing rewards than spending them. It has been reported that people are sitting on a whopping $16 billion worth of unused rewards points. Apparently, what motivates us to get cards in the first place isn’t the extras on offer. It’s the simple convenience of having plastic when we need it. If you’re someone who doesn’t care much about rewards, you might consider Charity Charge.

In our Interview, we discuss:

  • How Stephen got his start in Entrepreneurship
  • The origins of Charity Charge
  • Why he is so purpose filled AND
  • His plans to make the world a better place

Resources Mentioned In The Episode

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