Today’s interview is with Donna Brown. Donna is a speaker, business mentor, creative and intuitive with over thirty years experience as a consultant in such diverse fields as fashion, interior and garden design, lifestyle, events, food service, publishing, tv, editorial projects, coaching and mentoring. With each client, whether foundation, entrepreneur or corporation, she provides long-term and profound visions of what they can become to truly fulfill their mission and purpose and with them creates the strategies and tactics to execute this vision.

Her spiritual journey in Buddhist studies and her experience with corporate-based mindfulness have led her to realize her biggest successes in business stem from the combination of her spiritual practices, experience and strategy. It is this unique combination of business and awareness that represents the trend and shift for businesses of the future. Shifting the paradigms around business itself and her visionary strategy are the secret weapons she uses to unleash powerful entrepreneurs, corporations and foundations to help them create unique and profitable businesses with impact on a global scale.

We speak on the following:

  • Donna’s story as an adult TCK
  • How she uses her DIFFERENCE to make a DIFFERENCE with her intuitiveness
  • How she helps people be better versions of themselves
  • What it means to be the content and NOT the container

Resource Mentioned In The Episode

  • Donna’s Website:

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