Did you know statistics* show that women are more successful than men in startups, but fewer of them opt to “startup”. Author and entrepreneur Danielle Tate wants to change that.

As a young female founder, Danielle noticed that few business guides offer step-by-step advice to smart but inexperienced women. Filling this void inspired her to write the book that she wished was available when she founded her first company, MissNowMrs.com.

Elegant Entrepreneur” is a female founder’s guide to growing a company from idea to exit. It answers the important question: how do you make an idea produce money? It also discusses how to transform yourself into an entrepreneur and how that process feels– regardless of whether you have a business background or entrepreneurial ties. Danielle’s mission is to lower the barrier to entry and success for future women entrepreneurs.

 As a female founder and entrepreneur herself, she offers insightful and pertinent knowledge and experiences of entrepreneurship and launching her business as a woman, providing unique and valuable insight.

Early readers have voted “Elegant Entrepreneur” the #1 Best Entrepreneurship Inspiring Book, the #1 Best Personal Development Book for Entrepreneurs, and the #1 Non-Fiction Book for Women in their Twenties on GoodReads!

We discuss women in entrepreneurship, why women need to own their entrepreneurship status, why leaning in for a startup is better than leaning in in Corporate America as a women, as well as the emotions the come into play in each step of the entrepreneurial journey.

Her book Elegant entrepreneur can be found here.

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*A report from the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity shows that in the United States, women are two times less likely to open a business each month as their male peers. The average rate of entrepreneurial activity for men over the 1996-2012 period was 0.37 percent, but for women it was a meager 0.23 percent.