Amanda Loveland is well known for her unconventional approach to business that fosters dramatic and consistent results for her clients in record time. She is certified as a Dream Builder Coach through the Life Mastery Institute and as a Parent Coach through the Parent Coaching Institute. She has had the privilege of working with, and being mentored by some of the most elite personal development teachers in the world, including Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Gay Hendrix and Peggy McColl.

From the time she was young she swore she knew what she wanted to do with her life. But, the truth was, the living that paycheck to paycheck life was not nearly enough to live a good life, and not even close to providing the life she really wanted to live. She decided she was done with corporate living (and had no desire to work her way up that ladder), so she set out to start her own business… only to find that “paychecks” were even less consistent and she had no one to complain to. She tried everything to make her business work for her. She invested in programs, got certified (like, a lot), read countless books, and repeatedly asked others for advice. She kept imagining that there must be some magical land of entrepreneurs who understood how to do it and could teach her. Let’s just say she never found that land. Find out more of her story here.

Needless to say, after putting  in the work she eventually achieved the type of success that allows her to travel the world while building her business and now she is giving back with Wealth University. Check out the course here.

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