Roshini Rajkumar is a keynote speaker, emcee, executive coach, talk show host and author. Roshini is the go-to person for individuals and teams who need to showcase powerful presence and command the moment. She is also an expert in communicating with millennials in the workplace. Some of what we talked about in today’s interview were:

  • How leaders can relate to millennial employees, whose culture is unlike any generation before
  • Why millennials are so driven to advance their careers and how to direct this energy
  • Communicating with millennials through the methods and styles they like best
  • Understanding the communication style of millennial women in particular
  • The professional values millennials care most about that affect how leaders and colleagues interact with them

Roshini has coached the leadership of Fortune 500 companies like Bridgestone Americas, Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Wild on better business communication. She is an adjunct professor of communications at St. Catherine University and is also a licensed attorney (JD, University of Minnesota). She holds a BA in political science from Boston College. Roshinilives in Minneapolis where she hosts News and Views on WCCO Radio (CBS Minneapolis) and writes a monthly personal brand column for Twin Cities Business. You can learn more about her here.

Check out her interview here or below.