My name is Scott Lawrence and I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I have a degree in Graphic Design and also attended the Vancouver Film School. Husband and father of 3 awesome kids and the co-founder of Goodpin.

My partners and I started Goodpin to make it it super easy, fun and social for people to be able to give to the causes they are passionate about, and to leverage social media to inspire others to also participate in making a difference. Our ultimate goal is to make giving something that people weave into their daily lives. That’s why we made Goodpin a mobile app and focused the giving around micro amounts. We feel like if people use it frequently, it helps to elevate their consciousness around social impact AND by using it and sharing to social, it also increases the amount of social impact content on social media. Hopefully that raises the social consciousness of social media in general!

Being a social entrepreneur is to me the best career in the world. You get to come up with ideas and see them come to light and know that they have the power to make a difference in the world.

I have a sensitive heart to children, so seeing them able to grow up in a healthy environment and in healthy cultures would be amazing

My strength has always been in ideas. So to be able to see those ideas come alive and to have them actually making a difference in the world is a great feeling.

People can download Goodpin and use it to give to the causes they care about and share their actions and notes of inspiration with their networks and get them to participate as well.

Spread the word! Let others know about the app and encourage them to use it. If you have connections with non-profits, send them to our site and we can get them into the app and put it to work for their fund raising and community building needs!

You can also follow us on Twitter @goodpin or find us on Facebook.


PS: We will have web giving and an Android app early next year!