Image Courtesy of Raul Hernandez Ochoa


Hey Raul thank you so much for joining UYDmag, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you are doing?

Thank you for having me. Currently I am a senior at San Diego State University and am a part of a special two year Entrepreneurship Program where we dive deep into the mindset of an entrepreneur and learn strategies to pursue a venture. It has been an amazing experience being immersed and exposed to opportunities I otherwise would not have direct access to it. I am very grateful.

That is awesome that you are part of that program, I see that you emphasize social entrepreneurship, why?

You know that is something I rediscovered within myself as I developed as a person and as I saw what type of businesses can be started and the reasons why they are started. For me, I truly admire companies whose very act of being in business affects and improves lives the better. To quote General Powell, former secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, (from Tony Robbins new book Money) “the business of business was not just to make a profit but to also to do good” (Robbins, xxvii).

I also like the philanthropic side of large businesses that fill a market need with their service or product and then give, such as Salesforce, who has given more than $60 million in grants for nonprofits.

Raul I definitely see what you are talking about and I totally agree. Are you working on a social good?

Currently, I have had the opportunity to enroll in a course by nonprofit ACUMEN, and design and innovation consulting firm, IDEO. I teamed with students at UC San Diego and we are learning by doing as we implement human centered design to solve social problems within our communities.

And what problem is that?

We are working to ensure children in low income commutes thrive in their first five years. It is a work in progress but I can say that it is really amazing to see pieces of a solution fall together when you work with insights directly from the insights from the people you are solving for.

I bet it is! I cant wait to see what manifests from this course. I also saw you mentioned you are also working on a website and podcast. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes I have. I made The IGNITE It Journal & Podcast for one reason- to inspire listeners and readers to create and build. To inspire them to IGNITE the amazing things they are capable of doing, to build up upon themselves a solid foundation in order to add value in their own life and in the lives of others as they IGNITE and apply their gifts.

That is awesome, why are you doing that?

I really want to help people to understand that they are capable of doing incredible things and teach them mindsets, habits and methodologies that will allow them to be their best and along the way give back to their community.

Raul, you are doing some very cool things! I imagine you are constantly on the go, what are your top 10 apps/workflows that keep you organized?

Yes I am a commuter and am constantly working on the go. Here are my top iOS apps that I use everyday:

Notes: the default note taking app by Apple is simple yet effective. To me it is a personal note taking app because I use it to personal development to reflect and grow. I also use it to save ideas for later. I organize the folders on my mac and on my phone I can organize my notes accordingly.
Wunderlist: this is the ultimate todo list/reminder. It syncs with every device I have and I can attach written notes, files and photos to a todo item. I structure my daily and weekly todos using Wunderlist.
Music/Podcast/TED/SoundGecko: I know I cheated here and put four apps in one but, I love to learn and I have found out that the best way for me to read a book or learn something new is through audio. I keep all my audiobooks on the Music app and listen to podcasts and TED talks in their own apps, and send articles I want to read from my reading list to SoundGecko to have it converted to audio for me. Learning on the go.
Google Hangouts: I use Google Hangouts to make and receive free calls through the internet.
Genius Scan: Whenever I get a document in hard copy and want to make it digital I simply snap a photo and email it to myself. Instant PDF.
CamCard: CamCard is awesome because it allows me to take a picture of a business card and instantly save their contact information to my contacts.
Google Drive: I like to use Google’s office suite because it allows for easy sharing /collaboration and it is available on any device I use.
Notability: One of the more powerful note taking apps. I really like its hand writing mode for simple hand written notes and also its built in recorder to add audio recordings to a note. I then later hear my notes in real time as it shows me what I wrote during the time something was said. It also great for annotating PDFs and multiple doc types.
Twitter: I use Twitter to keep up to date with thought leaders and connect with high caliber individuals such as yourself Tayo.
Sleep Cycle: My days start early and I have found that my morning is directly affected by my night routine. Sleep cycle allows me to keep a steady sleep schedule and helps me measure how I can get better rest in order to give my best everyday.

Raul that is a very solid list of apps. I really like no. 9. Thank you Raul for contributing and adding value. Any message you want to leave with our readers?

Tayo, I just want to say thank you so much for having me. I’d like to conclude with this: I just showed you applications that are available to everyone on the application store. Anyone and everyone can have access to them and everyone and everyone can create and build and do Good work with them. The same goes with yourself as a person. Not only do you already have all the tools you need to build all around you, but you, personally as a person, already have everything you need to succeed. You just need to work to apply that part in you. You’ll be amazed at the things you are able to do if commit and IGNITE.