Creativity is within each and every one of us. It’s a unique quality that only we possess and it transforms lives. It’s this vehicle of creation that I’m using to make my difference in the world. My name is Chris Cromwell and I’m a passionate visual artist.

I grew up in a small town of less than 15,000 people and I’ve built a solid following of more than 1000 people with my creative work. My art has been described as something along the lines of “abstract, watercolour stained glass” (which I love). My goal is to pour my heart into my work and positively impact lives through that practice.

Previously, I performed in a touring band up until losing both of my parents in 2011, about 6 months apart. I embraced that life-changing experience as a catalyst and turned it into a personal life mission to create, explore and live my life as a creative adventure. I really like to explore my uniqueness and express myself because it changes lives. Passion & enthusiasm are contagious and I’ve seen proof of that from the beginning. After working in a public school in 2013, I had a 9 year old girl come up to me, look me right in the eyes and say: “Chris… I want to be an artist just like you.” That was a defining moment for me. My heart lit up and I knew I was making a huge impact in at least one person’s life using my own creativity. Ask around and you’ll find that story is not unique to my personal experience. Personal expression changes lives.

Currently, I’m a visual artist & teacher with a current home base in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I’m somewhat of a serial starter doing all kinds of creative projects ranging everything from private art commissions to teaching, all the way into graphic design, installing murals, public speaking and most recently launching a podcast for creative entrepreneurs. My specific difference is enthusiasm and passion for creative expression. We’ve all got something different to offer and it excites me to think of all the opportunities for collaboration and positive impact in the world around us.

Going forward, I’m focusing on a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and it is so much fun! After realizing how difficult it can be to “make it” as an artist – I started putting ideas together and looking for a better way to give artists a competitive edge in their own business. The podcast is called Creative Pencil and the initiative was born less than 60 days ago. I find the start is always the best part so I’m just having a blast while bumping into challenges as they come and working them out as I go. It’s a challenge but, it’s incredibly fulfilling!

I stumbled into UYD Magazine after seeking out unique people that are making a difference through creativity. I truly believe in the mission for UYD Magazine and I know you share the vision with us. Until we meet again, I’ll continue to passionately use my difference to make a difference.

Yours in creativity,
– Chris Cromwell

Chris can be found in several locations on the internet through a Google search and he’s on just about every social media platform out there including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. || ||