Today’s episode is with Phillip Chavira,  a former classmate of mine, the CEO of CastMe and Broadway producer.  In this episode, we talk about his company, the changing faces of Broadway and the groundbreaking play he helped produce called Eclipsed.

Eclipsed features Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o stars and is set amidst the Liberian Civil War. It is also historic because it is the first broadway show to ever feature an all black female cast. Since launch, the show has gotten great reviews from established media outlets like New York Times and Time Out New York.

Phillip however is not just about the creative side of Broadway. He hopes to revolutionize the business aspects of the industry as well as is evidenced by his company CastMe.

Phillip launched CastMe when he found himself writing hundreds of messages to actors to schedule a one day audition. It allows administrators to upload basic actor information and create structured and organized audition schedules.

Find out more about his business, Eclipsed and his thoughts on diversity in the industry here or below.