Dr. Rob Fazio, a leading executive advisor, crisis consultant, sport psychologist and managing partner of OnPoint Advising, says gone are the days when we make our lives more complicated than they need to be, and offers a solution.

Fazio has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies around the globe implement emotional intelligence plans, talent management strategies, executive assessments, succession plans and more. In his new book Simple is the New Smart: 26 Strategies to Build Confidence, Inspire Yourself, and Reach Your Unique Potential (Career Press, February 2016), Fazio maps out success strategies that will help readers get an edge in both business and in life.

Simple is the New Smart explains that we often become consumed with what doesn’t really matter, and offers tools and techniques to counter life’s static and turn up the volume on the right information to accelerate the path to success.

“I have always been shocked at how many people need to worry about something. Too often people get caught up in their own complexity,” Fazio says. “If you are intentional, strategic and simple about how you approach your work and life goals, you can get there faster and directly. Twice the gain, half the strain is the foundation for Simple is the New Smart.

Among the 26 success strategies that Fazio maps out, some key takeaways he hopes readers are able to absorb and apply are:

  • Learn what is holding you back and how to propel forward
  • Understand that listening can be bad for your health and learn how to break free from messages that cause distress
  • Discover the art of reading before leading in order to be intentional with time
  • Master the secrets of psychological swagger

His book can be found on Amazon here.

His company: OnPointAdvising

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