Today’s episode is with Ben Green. Ben has immense experience with working in a global marketplace and has spoken to thousands of people about how to seek job opportunities both at home and abroad. He speaks from experience, having held more than 20 jobs, traveled to 24 countries, and done business with people from 30 countries. He’s worked for ten years in Japan, Spain, and Brazil. Ben currently serves as COO for DPP IT, an IT staffing firm that puts talented people to work.

His new book, The Global Superstar offers personal insight and wisdom that will help prepare kids for their global future. Some of the things we discuss in regards to the youth are as follows:

  • The reality of global competition and the increased competitive and financial pressures on today’s students
  • The basic education concepts they must master to compete
  • The additional soft and technical skills they need to acquire to develop an advantage over the competition
  • The career pathways they can take and the additional experiences and training they can receive to supercharge their careers

Be sure to grab his book here. Listen to the episode here or below.