third culture kid

Hey third culture kids, I know you might have or still experience the following set of emotions.

Identity crisis, alienation and loneliness

But did you know that you have so many advantages as well?

Yes that’s correct! So next time you find yourself thinking about the negative aspects of communicating across cultures, I want you to think of these:

  • You are able to see past prejudices and differences: This allows you to team up and act as leaders in culturally diverse teams. You can flex your diplomatic muscles by working in communities without bias. Think Superman in the Justice league. Uniting people while encouraging them to express their individuality. Some jobs you’ll be great for are ones in the foreign  services or non profit fields.
  • You’re an Educator: Your background has taken you to several countries and what this has given you is the ability to be empathetic. Use your background to show people that the world is bigger than they think. This skill allows you to be  the ideal archeologists, historians and teachers.
  • You’re Innovative: You know that constant restlessness you feel because you have many thoughts and ideas in your head. The solutions you feel like you can recommend or implement because your experience has allowed you to understand pain points so jot them down and turn it into a company.  Your innovative ideas might just be the next LinkedIn, Airbnb or Alibaba.

If you are or have ever been a third culture kid, you need to understand the uniqueness of your existence. Yes, you are unique in your own way and that is not such a bad thing.  Use your difference to make a difference.