So, which supplements are worth investing in?

What do I really need?

In addition to regular, healthful consumption of whole, preferably organic foods, I encourage you to have these ‘basics’ in your home:

  • Probiotics: to keep the intestinal flora alive, in balance and happy.  Crucial if pregnant or unwell.  Supports digestive function and nutrient absorption. Sources: organic yoghurt, sour dough bread, kefir, cheese, cottage cheese, sour kraut.
  • Enzymes: to support the liver and the internal organs in the secondary/tertiary levels of digestion.  Ensure food is properly broken down, and normalizes PH balance.  Sources: locally-produced fruits and veggies in their raw state, red meats, some exotic fruits like mango, papaya and pineapple.
  • Amino Acids: key for your body’s effective functioning. Hemp Hearts are the best source.
  • EFA’s: (Essential Fatty Acids) e.g.: olive oil/sesame oil/grape seed oil-in short, all plant oils, with the exception of palm kernel oil.  That is pure evil.  EFA’s support brain performance, memory, nervous system, organ and joint health, organ health and work to fight depression. Sources: hemp oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil-in short, all plant oils, with the exception of palm kernel oil.  That is pure evil.
  • Greens Plus: or a greens/spirulina blend, including chlorella and or blue-green algae.  Cleans the system, supports organ movement and internal systems health, purifies blood, supports glycemic movement to normalize blood sugar/reduce ‘cravings’, and helps to get oxygen to the brain.  Sources: any leafy green, preferably in its raw, ideally organic state, alfalfa, fresh herbs, wheat grass-say yes to wheat grass-amazing stuff!
  • Multi-vitamin: containing mega antioxidants & the whole B-Spectrum.  (I like USANA brand).  Must be easily absorptive; many brands in the grocery/health food store are 98% junk (filler).  Nervous system support and overall, whole-body processes support.  Sources: brewer’s yeast, engevita yeast, nutritional yeast, Guinness beer, molasses, maple syrup, leafy greens, lightly-steamed or raw, salads, complete meals, with each food group represented and not over-cooked.
  • Mineral: combination that includes calcium, magnesium and potassium.  Again, USANA is the one I stand behind. Especially important as people age. Sources: potatoes, yams, bananas, organic dairy products (‘conventional’ dairy products clog the system with other junk and are not fully absorptive), avocados.
  • Floravit by Salus is great choice for liquid iron supplementation for women/pregnancy, vegans/vegetarians and also for people recovering from addiction.
  • Activated Charcoal: for minor stomach upsets, food poisoning, flu’s, common colds etc. (ONLY use when sick-do not use daily) This neutralizes toxins so they may leave the body without creating illness.  Use this instead of harmful antibiotics, which deplete the system.  Sources: while this is not readily produced by nature, if you go camping and find yourself ailing with Beaver Fever (giardia), or you plant trees for a living, or venture into rough nature often, you need to keep this with you.  Burn the toast over the next open fire and eat it, if you have none on you.
  • see also: green clay, white benzonite clay or fuller’s earth to learn about neutralizing and removing heavy metals or toxic material from the body safely and without a great deal of discomfort.

honey or maple syrup
olive oil/grape seed oil
lemon or lime juice
Bragg’s (concentrated enzymes)
cayenne pepper
-should all be in your kitchen-always

While these can be found in various food sources as listed, many times we do no eat enough food to get all the nutritional support we need.  Our modern day soils are also lacking the nutrients they once held, say 50 – 100 years ago. This is why I choose ORGANIC as often as possible.

The first place you’ll feel nutritional deficit is in your own energy levels.  Then, you may feel moody.  Your brain is the ‘talk-back’ organ, which keeps you in-touch with what might be missing.

This is why pro-active, solid supplementation is a good idea-to make 110% sure you have all your need.


  • Probiotics to take daily as per directions
  • Enzymes
  • Hemp Hearts
  • EFA’s/Fish Oils
  • Greens Plus or a greens/Spirulina blend
  • Multi-vitamin containing mega antioxidants & the whole B-Spectrum
  • Mineral combination that includes calcium, magnesium and potassium.
  • Floravit or Floradix by Salus are great choices for liquid iron
  • Activated Charcoal
  • green clay, white benzonite clay and/or fuller’s earth
  • Wild crafted oregano oil
  • molasses and/or maple syrup
  • Tahini
  • olive oil/grape seed oil
  • lemon or lime juice
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • Bragg’s (concentrated aminos)
  • Non-irradiated cayenne pepper