“How often do you take advantage of the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of nature?” Michael Hyatt asks this in his article about why going outdoors makes your smarter, stronger, and more spiritual.

As Millennials living in an increasingly interconnected world, we spend 14.5 hours each week texting, talking and accessing social media on our smart phones. We’ve embraced technology unlike any generation before but our constant connection to laptops, tablets, and smartphones may cause short- and long-term health problems.

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As Michael highlights, “people today spend up to 25% less time enjoying nature than people did just 20 years ago.” So why does it matter that we spend most of our days in homes, cars, or officers and away from nature?

It’s because “experiencing nature can strengthen our minds, rejuvenate our bodies and restore our spirits. ” Learn here what nature can do for these three important parts of you.

And once you’ve gone on a 10-min walk or look at vacation photo, let us know on Facebook and Twitter: how much time do you spend outdoors each day…each week?

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