The other day I had the opportunity to speak at Harvard University. As I sat there in front of the room full of college students from all around the local Boston area I came the realization that inside all of us is truly the ability to be great or as I say a superhero.

How I was able to escape the forces of evil and become a real life superhero

My name is Chris, The StartUp Superhero Coleman…and I think you are outstanding and amazing.

I’ll be real with you, 4 years ago when I set out on my Superhero’s journey, I didn’t possess this Superhero mentality. Contrary to popular belief I am only human and just like you who’s reading this, there was a time when I wanted to give up on life and absolutely hated the hand that life had dealt me. I won’t bore you all with the details but just know in 2012, I was in a terrible state of mind: lonely, broke, depressed, rapidly gaining weight and constantly telling myself, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, nothing is working and nothing is happening.” I thought to myself why me?

I’m not hurting anybody, I’m not doing anything illegal, I’m just chasing my dreams, why does it seem like the people who are doing wrong are living a better life then me? It was at my lowest of moments that I realized something, life does not give you what you want…it gives you what you are. If I wanted to have more I had to become more. For things to change, I had to change. If I grow, everything around me would grow. That change began with believing that I Can and I Will make it, no matter what the situation. Over a span of time and using what I call the 90 Day Superhero Challenge, I was able to completely turn my life around. Since then I have been featured in countless global publications. My blog has been read by readers in over 140+ countries and I thoroughly enjoy life…just ask anyone that knows me. I have had the opportunity to share my life experiences and insights with audiences from age 8-88 all around the United States and soon the world! I surely did not imagine any of this would happen when I was at my lowest point in life, but by believing in myself and following the 90 Day Superhero Challenge, I was able to turn my I cant’s into I Can’s and I Will’s.

Before we begin I want you to take a second to think about some goals you want to achieve. They can be personal goals, career goals, family goals, you name it. Just close your eyes and picture them in your mind.

Now, what I want you to do next is to visualize how far you are from achieving those goals. Place your goal at the top of a mountain peak and place yourself at the level you believe you are thus far in your journey. Now I want you to dramatically elevate and increase those goals, because no journey is that straight forward and you are probably aiming too low.

Someone I respect greatly once said, “I find that most people fail in life, not because they aim too high and miss but most people fail in life because they aim too low and hit…and many, don’t aim at all.”

So elevate those goals and don’t worry about how you are going reach them, commit yourself and the how will come.

I want to set the record straight, as I mentioned in my book, I Can. I Will. The Superhero Way greatness lives inside each and every one of us, I’m sure you are already aware of this. In fact everything that I am about to say to you in this book is not new to you. The message and information that I’m going to share with you is already built inside of you and you are beginning to discover it and that is why you are reading this Post now and seeking out this information.

The next thing I will say is that you have heard this information before, from people who are more credible then I am, some of them possess PHD’s, others have attended the best colleges in the world and are many are years older than me. The words that I will share are common sense knowledge, but common sense isn’t always that common.

Anything I say during this post, ANYTHING, I don’t want you to believe me nor agree with me. The only thing I want you to do is think of your goals. Visualize what it is you want to do in life, where you want to be in life and the things you wish to have in life and then keep your mind open.

My whole goal from the moment I begin until the moment I end, is to help you transition past your mind and reinvent yourself as a real life Superhero.

-How to be the Master of Your Mind

Once you are committed to changing it is time to master your mind. I was so caught up thinking about the past, of why things didn’t go well in my relationship or why some of the businesses I started had failed and caused me to lose money or why I was doubting myself after I had come so far since I stepped out on my entrepreneurial journey. This is when I stumbled upon what I call the 90 Day Superhero Challenge. In a nutshell I can sum up the 90 Day Superhero Challenge into 5 steps and give you action items to begin mastering your mind.

The first step is simple enough- you must first take a moment, away from the TV, and your cellphone, and the radio, and your children and find yourself some quite time to write down all of your goals and what it is you want to achieve. It may sound silly but if you don’t know where you are going then you’ll never hit your target. You’ll be like a ship lost out at sea because you never had a destination in the first place.

These goals do not have to be all work related and can pertain to finding a potential partner, becoming a better husband or wife, spending more time with your children, achieving higher grades for the upcoming semester or even taking a trip to France like you always wanted to.

The goals are up to you, but what’s imperative is that your write them down.

The second step is to apply pressure. And no I don’t mean to go get a sharp object and begin slowly pushing it into your thigh! What I’m saying you should do is to give yourself a little bit of push to make sure you are going after your goals. Many people use support groups or accountability partners and those who are really serious put money on the line because quite frankly who likes to lose a bet when it is their own money to lose. By making your goals public to either the world or a select few individuals you are forecasting to the universe that hey, this is what I’m setting out to do now get inline and help me do it. I’ll talk more about that further, how to think your desires into reality.

The third step is to attach a deadline to your goal. If you set a goal without a deadline you can just keep pushing it back and back and back until eventually it never happens. Be realistic with yourself when it comes to this. If your goal is to run a marathon and you have never ran a day in your life, then don’t set a goal of running a marathon in one month. While possible to do, you will destroy your body attempting to do that. So though you have the big goal in mind, when setting your deadline, use the compound effect to make it realistic and doable. If you want to run a marathon in 6 months, by month 2 you should be running 5K’s with ease, by month 3 you should be able to run the length of a half marathon. Each smaller victory builds off the previous one until you reach your big hairy audacious goal.

The fourth rule is exactly what the 90 Day Superhero challenge is built off of, creating habits. Now scientist say that it generally takes 21 days to create a habit but since we want to become Superheroes, we are going to go above and beyond 21 days. Whatever goal we set out to achieve will most likely completely change our life for the better in one area or another so why not make it a lifetime habit. So the fourth rule is to turn this into a habit for life! Once you finish your goal and reach your deadline, simply start the countdown over and see if you can get even better.

The fifth rule is my ultimate favorite…SIMPLY HAVE FUN!

Yes when going after your dreams and goals you will further discover your passions and purpose for being on this earth, so have fun with it. Don’t take yourself too seriously because life is too short for that. Enjoy the journey.

-How to Think Your Desires into Reality

In my mind I told myself, if I truly want to have the things I desire I first have to think it. Over time I came to realize that the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master and that all things that exist in this world are created twice. First in the depths of our mind and then by taking action it materializes in reality.

For me, my goal is to become a multimillionaire by 25, not because i want to be rich but because i want to be comfortable. My idea of being comfortable is this, I want to be able to wake up one morning, head to the airport, pick a random location on a map and buy a plane ticket. No bags, no nothing. Just a destination. That’s what’s comfortable is to me.

Once I realized how the mind works I was amazed at how simple the tactics were to turn your dreams into reality and this way of thinking trickled down into all areas of my life.

Now I won’t sit here and lie to you say it’s easy as ABC and 123 but it’s really not complicated. The trick is this, you must visualize it into existence. Pictures and visualization affects the way we feel, act and achieve this is also known as our self-image.

I’ll use an example to further explain. Every person that is a professional athlete is one of the best in the world. It’s a given fact, that’s why they made it that far. Yet there are those who simply stand out above the rest. Michael Jordan is a perfect example of this. Widely considered as one of the best if not the greatest to ever play the game of basketball, he not only possessed amazing talent and a mean work ethic but he was a master of visualizing the game. You see MJ already knew what he was going to do every single time he stepped onto the court because he visualized it over and over and over again. There’s one play in particular that showcases the ability of visualization. In one game Michael Jordan was simply on fire, hitting shot after shot after shot after shot. After being fouled he stepped to the free throw line and looked at one of the players on the opposing team, he proceeded to close his eyes and drained the two free throws…with his eyes closed.

The only reason he could do that is because he visualized what his target was and then took action to turn it into reality. You see Michael Jordan’s self-image was that I can do anything I want to on this basketball court and I dare anyone to try and stop me. If someone told you that you’re too dumb to go to college or you think that you aren’t pretty enough to wear that dress or you don’t have the skills to start your own business and you internalize these things then that prophecy that you are speaking over your life will come to pass and become your reality. Change your mind…change your life.

-How to join the League of Superheroes

As I mentioned above what you think is what you are. The same goes with the people you associate with. John C. Maxwell said it best, “Your network is your net worth.” 9 times out of 10, the level of the people you associate with on a daily basis will also be the level you will either stay at or rise to. This is for people of all ages, if you are the smartest one in your group of friends…it is time to make some new friends and this is where the League of Superheroes comes in. People that are going after great things in life always always always attract other like minded people, this is called the Law of Attraction and the reason this happens is because when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. So it will place people in your life that can help you along your journey. And that’s the whole purpose of the League of Superheroes. It’s a group of people that are looking to become something more then they were yesterday, to really find their inner self and achieve whatever it is that their hearts desires.

In order to join the League of Superheroes head on over to and add your email to my email list. By doing so, you not only get the 90 Day Superhero Challenge and access to the top secret League of Superheroes group but you’ll also get some other cool things that I don’t want to give away just yet.

But trust me, it’s so worth it!

If you decide to tap into your inner greatness and awaken the superhero inside of you…then I’ll see you on the other side.

About Chris Coleman

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