Many highly skilled and experienced workers are being let go from companies much earlier than planned, due to downsizing, and cannot find full time replacement jobs.  These experienced workers are very willing to take reduced pay and accept lower level positions, but there simply are very few opportunities available.   I have been in this situation these past years and understand the anxiety and trauma to the individual and their families.  I want to make a difference and grow a new infection control medical device company named PrimeGuard Medical.  This will allow the opportunity to have some of these highly motivated and experienced professionals enjoy the challenges of building something meaningful for both patients and caregivers.


PrimeGuard Medical has a new patented platform of securement devices that is an important advancement to help safeguard caregivers and save costs.  Our products were recently featured in Modern Healthcare magazine highlighting their use for Ebola infection control.  I am encouraged that PrimeGuard Medical may be recognized as one of the new solutions in protecting caregivers from the Ebola virus.  Our products go to the source of maintaining and controlling leakage and spillage of bodily fluids such as blood and urine.  Our family of products, the Guard360™ line, creates 360 degrees of stabilization and securement for peripheral IV’s and Foley catheters and uses a new proprietary skin-friendly adhesive.  Currently, hospitals use regular medical tape 90% of the time to secure these catheters.   Studies show using regular medical tape results in up to 70% disconnections and restarts, thereby exposing caregivers to infectious bodily fluids.  Our Guard360™ devices use patented technologies and new proprietary adhesive materials designed to make it safer and easier for caregivers to apply and remove the securement device as well as the peripheral IV and Foley catheters.  This newly developed skin-friendly adhesive is a key reason for improving the attachment and removal, but is also designed to be gentile to fragile skin and older patients, as their skin can tear or bruise easily.


The Guard360™ devices are for use in hospitals and long-term care facilities, as well as for patients at home. We currently have products available separately, but are researching to combine all 3 products into a single and cost effective Infection Control Securement Device Kit ($72.50/package of 10 kits).  This Kit could be incorporated into the hospital Ebola protocol (or other infectious diseases such as HIV, Hep B/C, or TB) and be part of other infection control products identified in the event an incoming patient is considered an Ebola risk.  Very well-known hospitals are reviewing the securement devices/kits currently.


These next generation securement devices allows clinician peace of mind in providing safety to both caregivers, and patients, standardizing care, saving costs, saving valuable care team time, while delivering comfort and satisfaction to patients. For additional information, please go to our website at or feel free to email me