Today’s episode is with  Paul Loeb. Paul is a young, charismatic, tech and business savvy self-starter, president of indie record label, and the CEO of the new artist-friendly music DropTrack. Thousands of music producers and record labels use DropTrack to share their music and get feedback from global DJs, blogs, radio, and industry contacts.
Paul has been using technology to provide solutions to problems, big and small, since the age of ten. Creator of the award-winning USC Transportation website, co-founder of the Facebook app Portcard, and restaurant application building service OrderingApps, he’s now applying his techspertise and entrepreneurial spirit to providing marketing solutions for the music industry, via DropTrack.

We discuss his beginnings, how musicians and entrepreneurs can tell their stories and ways to stand out in a cluttered world. The most impressive thing to me is that he does all this while maintaining his blog Really Cute Cats.

Catch the episode here or below: