Today’s interview is with Graeme Austen. Graeme is an entrepreneur and founder of Cultivated Culture, a resource dedicated to helping people accelerate their careers and create additional sources of income.
Two years ago he was making close to nothing at a job he hated. he was putting 1,500 miles on his car every week, was barely able to afford eating Ramen for breakfast, and was swimming in $10,000 of debt. He had met and heard of people his age who were already well on their way to success. People who earned top dollar working for the best, and most recognizable, companies in the world. Every night he would ask himself, “How did they do it? What are they doing that I am not?” He became obsessed with that question over the next 12 months. He spent his waking hours meeting with, and dissecting, top earners and performers at the world’s best companies. He studied their habits, their approach, their routines, and their respective paths to success. He began to discover common threads, repeatable patterns that each of these individuals shared. He used these to craft and plan and then executed it. Over the next 12 months, he went on 100+ interviews and perfected his process. By the end, he had landed interviews and offers at companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Uber. All using these repeatable formulas.
It’s an amazing and practical read and I definitely encourage you all to get it.
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