Let’s sidestep the politics, wars, and celebrity culture stuff and even if we do, we’ll find that the trends aren’t any prettier. Last time I checked what was raving about “popular culture” was either some bar fight or a vending machine that made mashed potatoes and talked about the weather.

Seriously?! That’s it?!

Am I still on planet Earth?

But it happens to the best of us and we get caught up with all this rubbish. Our Facebook feeds, news feeds, even life feeds, get clogged up with meaningless pieces of fluff.

You know? the mashed potatoes flavoured fluff.

In the past we have had 3 options when dealing with these situations:

1. Walk Away

2. Start a fight or

3. Pretend it never happened

Now, think about that for a second. How are those answers actually going to help make the world any better?

Aren’t we all looking for more meaning and purpose in our lives?

Yes ok I’ll admit it. Sometimes  I am just looking for some escapism and Google searches does give me a pulse on what it means to be human and cool in today’s world.

But there’s got to be more to life than this right?

Now if you thought that was borderline oh-so-sad, wait till you hear this:

I happened to tune into a popular local talk radio station here in South Africa and the topic of the hour was innovation. My ears perked up “hello”!

However, what they said next threw me off my orbit.

They were chatting about our very own South African Elon Musk and Telsa, (you know – this thing) then the DJ said “What’s the big deal? I mean sure it’s pretty. But it’s NOT as innovative, sexy, or life changing as getting the latest iPhone.”

 I couldn’t believe what I had heard. Boy oh boy do we have our work cut out for us if we can’t distinguish between what’s important and what’s popular. I can almost hear you roaring from your seat.

These are the exact conversations I’ve been following over at The Global Movement Summit. However, I’m not here to talk about that. Let’s back track.

You and the rest of this planet now have three choices:

1. Walk Away: It’s not worth it. This isn’t where the party is happening any ways.

2. Start a fight: Bet you want his email address or twitter handle so you can give the DJ piece of your mind. Whoooha tiger!

3. Pretend it never happened: Surfs up. Goldfish syndrome. Shiny object syndrome. Whatever.

What if there was something that could change the reality of this choose-your-own-adventure-story (remember those)? That’s what one single little hashtag did for me. #1click4change and I’ll be telling you all about it in the next post.

Till then.

Keep it purposeful 🙂