Today’s interview is with Nicholas Upchurch. Nicholas has a background in Digital Marketing and the companies which he has owned have generated millions of dollars in sales within a very short period of time. Although he was able to build a business that was very successful, travel to 33 countries, play football in front of 111,000 fans on National TV, and earn 6 figure monthly checks from partners like Google, his life changed in 2015 when he visited the Sacred Valley of Peru. Through an interesting turn of events, and exploring the difficult parts of life that all of us may have encountered at one time or another, he has now dedicated his life to not only helping people succeed in terms of “Money & Business”, but also to find their true purpose in this world. In addition, through his company Love!, he has started a Media Network called ‘Believe’. Believe features a website (, YouTube Channel and Podcast that has already reached tens of thousands around the world in a very short amount of time. Believe is a show designed to help you truly succeed by understanding and exploring all of the following categories in new, innovative ways: True Success, Money & Business, Health & Wellness, World News, and Our Universe. We seek to expand on the world’s current definition of “success” by realistically exploring spirituality, step-by-step, tangible solutions to issues we face, and finding the beauty we can in current events along with the difficult, often undiscussed, possible realities of our everyday life as people today. Through this exploration, we can perhaps truly find the success and fulfillment we seek in this life.

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