Today’s interview is with Drea Vidler and Maddie Koehler of LocalAventura. At LocalAventura they help connect passionate local guides with adventurous travelers for more authentic and reliable experiences in Latin America. Unlike their competitors, they personally vet and interview all of their guides to ensure unique experiences with expert guides. In turn, they hope to support the economic development of this region by making it more accessible to travelers and empowering local guides.

We dive into the potential of Latin America as a market and how the idea for LocalAventura was formed. The team plans to provide more economic support to the nationals there as the market is apparently new. From a traveller’s perspective, the experience of exploring with a local helps them gain a better understanding of the trip. The locals are their own bosses and configure for themselves their own tours and schedules while the team at LocalAventura provides them with resources, marketing, and clientele.

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