Recently, Yahoo! CEO Marisa Meyer, Volkswagen executives and Chipotle corporate leaders have all been under scrutiny for their business decisions and behaviors during times of trouble. It seems like leaders of companies both big and small are constantly making the same crisis causing mistakes. There must be a school somewhere these people go to learn how to make the same mistakes, again and again.

Where’s the school that teaches them to do the right thing first?

Someone who knows what to do is James (Jim) E. Lukaszewski (Loo-ka-SHEV-skee), one of America’s most visible corporate go-to people for senior executives when there is trouble in the room or on the horizon. Lukaszewski counsels troubled leaders and leaders in trouble in organizations large and small in every standard industrial classification (SIC), for-profits, non-profits, government, military, private and public organizations. He is always retained by senior management to provide personal coaching and executive recovery advice for executives in trouble or facing career-defining problems and succession or departure issues, and was listed in Corporate Legal Times as one of “28 experts to call when all hell breaks loose” and in PR Week as one of 22 “crunch-time counselors who should be on the speed dial in a crisis.” More info is at

Lukaszewski‘s believes that neither the media, your toughest opponents, smartest critics, nor the government knows enough to defeat you. Defeat is almost always the work of uninformed or over confident, overly optimistic bosses, co-workers and associates; well-meaning but uninformed friends, relatives or from dysfunction in an organization.

As a guest on As Told By Nomads, Jim discusses:

– Seven crisis causing career ending leadership behaviors to avoid
– Why victim management is the most important ingredient of crisis resolution
– How silence destroys reputation, even if the rest of a crisis response is perfect

Catch the episode here or below: