Today, I speak with Mimi Zheng. When Mimi was in college, she sent a tweet that landed her an internship in Silicon Valley. That was amazing because she didn’t know anyone in Silicon Valley. With the power of networking, anything is possible. Since then, she has worked at two other Silicon Valley startups. She started her website because she realized there are other Millennials out there trying to figure out a fulfilling career path and along the way they may change their course in life. On her site, she shares what she  has learned along the way because it hasn’t always been easy for her as she has struggled and felt confused several times in the past. However, she has also had incredible experiences. She has worked on higher education political initiatives, done freelance photography, built college communities, done marketing for a theme park, and helped connect entrepreneurs to angel investors.

We talked about:

  • Her experience growing up as a Chinese American
  • Why she wanted to be in Silicon Valley
  • What she learned from her obsession with money and status
  • How she found her passion

She’s amazing! Check out more of her work at

Catch her interview here or below