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Today’s interview is with Claudia Körbler.  Claudia is a dedicated Interpreter, cross-cultural and strategic communication specialist in English, Spanish, and her native language German, with expertise in Governance. Her professional career in the U.S. is based in the diplomatic service. She has served the Embassy of Austria, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the World Bank Group in different capacities with focus on trans-cultural communication and Interpretation. She delivered consecutive Interpretations for high-level diplomatic summits and consulted on cross-cultural communication techniques. Ms. Körbler currently holds a position as a Policy Development and Strategic Communication Analyst at the Food and Agriculture Organization to the United Nations in Washington, D.C.

As an Austrian born global citizen and Third Culture Adult she has lived and worked in the U.S., Spain, UK, and Italy. During her time in the diplomatic service, and now working for an international organization, Claudia has refined her skills in cross-cultural communication and comprehends the beauty, challenges, and difficulties of living and working in different cultures. Claudia sits on the Executive Board of the National Museum of the Women in the arts, is part of the Scientific Research Board of the European Forum Alpbach, and part of the Universitas Austria Interpreters and Translators Association. She has  also served on the FIGT board since October 2014.

In our interview, Claudia discusses her beginnings in the policy and international development world. She also shares tips on the best ways to get on the radar of international organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank.

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