Meet Karim Webb and Edward Barnett of PCF Management, 2014 California Small Business of the Year Award winner and one that is sparking attention in struggling LA communities for being a fearless force of employment and opportunity for many who have lived too long without.
For years businesses have been reluctant to move into inner city areas like South Central Los Angeles. Concerns like: can we make a profit, will we need to deal with vandalism, gangs, stealing, etc have plagued these areas, with businesses ultimately opting out of any construction or development opportunities. But a REVOLUTION is happening – and it’s because of these two brave men.
Karim  Ed are transforming their community by bringing a ferocious amount of wonderful and inspired ideas, knowhow and compassion to the table of a community that’s needed support and encouragement for a long time. And it certainly doesn’t stop with their restaurant ventures.

Together, Mr. Webb and Mr. Barnett have created a successful model for opening restaurants in the inner city, starting with South Central Los Angeles. And not only is their restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings (Baldwin Hills), providing its community members with valuable skills and job opportunities – unprecedented for the demographic in the area – but Mr. Webb and Mr. Barnett are making a PROFIT doing it. YTD 2014 their sales are up 35% over the previous year’s sales.
BWW Baldwin Hills has outperformed all other BWW the last two years running;
PROOF you can successfully build a business in an inner city. 
…And CHIPOTLE was quick to move in next door.

​ Karim Webb & Edward Barnett – Photo Credit: Greg Shappell
In addition to a restaurant empire, these men have also risen to the top in their community circuits outside of the restaurant business.
Most recently, Karim & Ed established a POP-UP RESTAURANT TRAINING PROGRAM at Dorsey High School which offers each of its students a hands on, individual experience that will carry over into adulthood as well as provide each with new opportunities they otherwise might not have when it comes to starting your own restaurant and small business. From financing and marketing to operations, the students learned the ins and outs of running a successful restaurant, gaining valuable skills in the process. Though only in its first year, the restaurant training program, conceived and taught by Mr. Barnett and Mr. Webb, has been a huge success amongst the students and parents alike raising over $4000.00 for the school’s small business and entrepreneur program – their biggest fundraiser to date. Fox, ABC 7, and CBS were all in attendance to cover this moments moment for the high school and it’s students.
POP UP RESTAURANT Video Highlights, Dorsey HS – this link!

Together we talked about ways to bring diversity into business. Take a listen here or below