Here’s a crazy story for you!

Last week at the Mid-Atlantic Conference I met a guy called Ivan Raiklin who had followed me on Twitter and Facebook a couple of days prior to us attending  the conference.

We shook hands and he proceeded to ask me what my podcast was about since we were at a podcasting conference. Naturally, I responded with “it’s about nomads, people with global mindsets entrepreneurs and international business people and how they communicate across cultures professionally and professionally.”

But before I could continue, he goes “when are you gonna interview me?” And I had the “I just met you look” on my face.

Still unsure, I asked him what he did and he said, “don’t worry about it and then said we can do the interview right now.”

I’m going like “look man even if I wanted to do the interview, I don’t have my equipment with me right now.

He says “not a problem I have two mics and two iPhones. Let’s go!”

At this point, I’m still in shock by this man’s confidence but I find myself walking him to his car.

On the way there he tells him of his travels, how many languages he speaks, the businesses he has built and how he is all about international relations.

45 mins later we had recorded a podcast episode in the back of his car and discussed further collaboration opportunities while the conference was going on. It was an amazing conversation and I can’t wait for you to hear it! Ivan Raiklin challenged me not to make excuses and to always be prepared. That’s the same challenge I pose to you all.

Ivan Raiklin is a sharing economy fanatic, angel investor and entrepreneur who likes to discuss the benefits sharing economy offers entrepreneurs. He has generously offered the listeners a bunch of referral codes so you all can test out a variety of sharing economy companies for free, or at a discount.


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Check out his Blab feed here where he hosts 10 shows a week. My Blab is at Hope you enjoy the episode here or below and remember always be networking!