Hola UYDers! Glad to be with you for another week. Today’s episode is with my buddy Charles Davis. We met when I was hosting this NowThis News segment on Black Lives Matter. He stood out to me then and I knew I had to have him on the show. But before we dive into the topics of today’s show, let me introduce you to him.

Currently, Charles is the Director of Higher Education Research and Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Race & Equity in Education. As the director, he is primarily responsible for managing their portfolio of postsecondary services to include campus climate assessments, diversity trainings and workshops, executive education programs, equity institutes and other professional learning experiences for college faculty and administrators, and commissioned studies related to equity issues in higher education.

His own scholarly research broadly examines the use of digital media in contemporary student organizing and social movements in college. He recently completed an two-year ethnographic study of college student organizers in Florida. This study was done in conjunction with the Activist Millennials Project, which serves as the nexus of research and practice for millennials engaged in activism and social justice organizing at the intersections of educational institutions and communities. Additionally, he is in the process of developing a digital and visual ethnography from his study entitled Flourish™.

His other research and writing has focused on the racialized and gendered experiences of college students, particularly among African American men. He has continued this by focusing on understanding the ways in which Black men can develop pro-feminist and anti-homophobic masculinities in college.

Topics we discussed include the following:

  • The importance of protests
  • The state of racism today
  • How men can play a role in feminism
  • Why we need to fight against injustices
  • How to use new media to tell your story

To find out more about Charles and his incredible work, please visit his website at www.hfdavis.com. Feel free to also e-mail him directly at charles[at]hfdavis[dot]com.

Check out the episode here or below: