Episode 1 of Hustle Culture Podcast with Carlos Gil and Tayo Rockson

Meet Audrey Bellis, Founder of Startup Downtown LA, Co-Founder GRID 110 and an amazing Entrepreneur who’s driving a real cultural shift in the Los Angeles, California startup scene being a female Millennial and Latina.

Questions for Audrey Bellis:

1. Why don’t you tell us your story?

2. We are all about the hustle here so can you describe your hustle?

3. What’s your overall mission?

4. You know what I love about you? It’s that you’re a voice to so many voices that need to be heard especially female entrepreneurship. Why are you so passionate about this?

5. Entrepreneurship isn’t always rosy. In fact, most of them fail. Can you tell us a time when you failed and how you learned from those experiences?

6. What pain points did you go through initially and what pain points are you going through now?

7. Let’s go positive here. How did your hustle lead to something positive in your personal and professional life?

8.Talk to us about GRID 110 and Startup DTLA

9. What can we do to support and help you?

Thank you for joining us on Episode 1 of the Hustle Culture Podcast, Audrey Bellis!

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Blab with Audrey: https://blab.im/audreybellis

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