My name is Carin and I hold degrees in Rural Development, Environment and Human Geography. I am currently are based in Montevideo, here to help out an NGO with radio and communication.  You could say that I am a society developer.

Traditions and culture have always interested me. Sometimes I regard my writing, photos and audio as vessels for the voices of others. There are so many people in the world with such wisdom. I like to give these people a space to be heard.  One day in Montevideo I decided to talk and hangout with some street performers in Montevideo. It’s a very common thing here.

I wanted to tell their story, making others understand a little bit more about the people we see, but perhaps not speak to.

Nuria and Marcelo are two wonderful people that reminded me about the essence of humanity and tapping into your inner flow of energy. Should you encounter them, I hope you will enjoy their street art as much as I do.

 When you open up to universe, the universe opens up to you

The sun is stronger than usual. It’s five in the afternoon and people are on their way back home on this Thursday. Cars are stacking up behind the traffic lights. On boulevard Artiga in Montevideo two people run out in front of the car. They have white juggling clubs in their hands. They smile when they perform in front of the commuters.

Then they bow gracefully before collecting some much appreciated contributions. Most of them coins.

After a short break during the next green light, they repeat their act. It’s intense work. At times it’s hot and there’s no shortage of smog and emissions, but still it brings them energy.  Here on the roads in the capital city of Uruguay, it’s a common phenomenon that theatrical performances are happening every day.

Nuria and Marcelo and their friend Alexis are just a few. Marcelo has strong, wise, awakened brown eyes, his hair in long dreads. Nuria’s eyes shines of wisdom and presence. They met in Sevilla, Spain a year and a half year ago and they’ve been traveling together since then.

Nuria, 28 years old, studied architecture since studying purely art in the little village she came from wasn’t possible. She also did well working within her profession, but upon graduation, Nuria concluded that she did not desire a life of work with only few holidays.

      “I liked to travel, I wanted to live differently, so I figured why not?  In the beginning I sold hashish to finance my travels and studies. I also sold beer at festivals and helped pick fruit when the season was on.”

Since making this life change, Nuria has been on the move. She traveled by herself to Canada and South America, just now returning with Marcelo, 32 years old, who was raised in Montevideo.

       “This is my city. I grew up here. I know everyone here. It’s safe and calm.”

But they’re hard to pin down.  Soon they are off to Peru.

Previously, Nuria and Marcelo have visited Andorra, France, Belgium and Luxemburg. Some days are better than others for these two performers. When asked about how they make ends meet, Marcelo smiles and puts up his thumb to show that many times end up hitchhiking. He explains that it works well in Uruguay. Still pondering the expense to cross the Atlantic, Marcelo responds;

La vida es un sueno – “When you open up for the universe, you will get everything – amor, felicidad… Wish, think and it will arrive. When you understand this, your life will change.”

Marcelo still underscores with a serious tone that you can’t just do nothing with your life you have to do something. Nuria cuts in;

Yes, this life is not for everyone. It depends on you. For me it is, I am free, she explains with clear eyes.

When asked about being vegetarian, Nuria continues with “If you’re hungry, you take what you are given.”

She likes fish, so when helping fishermen at the harbor, she often get fish as thanks.

        If you open up to Universe, the universe will open up for you.

Marcelo cuts in and says;

  “Yes, place is not so important, it’s the meeting with others, talking about universe and sharing thoughts. We have to stop saying we “need” things, everything is within us.”

As we leave Nuria, Marcelo and Alexis, they are adding up their take at the local petrol station. Marcelo greets the cashier by name. Their next stop is a supermarket for red whine and bread, then a free concert in the park. Life is peaceful, embracing, loving.

About Carin

Carin is a Swedish citizen, but identify herself as a global citizen. Most of her friends are of mixed cultural origin and she has lived longer periods in Italy, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Peru and now Uruguay. She wishes to visit and live in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Chile, California and Canada too. Carin seldom travels to distant nations for tourism, but more for work and international assignments.