Today’s interview is with Kimberly Ramsawak. Kimberly is the founder of Professional Jetsetter where she helps professional ambitious women travel the world more and make money while doing it, so that they can enjoy the global lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of without having to give up their financial security. According to her, you don’t have to choose between travel, career and your life. She herself has traveled to 80 plus cities across 5 continents doing work she loves and shows others how they can do it too.

Kimberly built her own highly successful travel career from scratch, starting with zero contacts or experience. She decided that she didn’t want to settle for her dreary office job, and didn’t want to settle for her travel experiences being slotted in her short holiday hours… it wasn’t enough for her appetite. She quit her well paid job and took the plunge… and it payed off! Today she has spent over 15 of her 19 years in sales and  marketing, and the travel, tourism and hospitality industry exploring the globe.

We discuss:

  • What it takes to pursue a career travelling the world
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs AND
  • The responsibility she believes she has with her platform

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