Did you know that it is estimated that seventy percent of US workers hate their jobs and don’t want to show up on Monday morning. The majority of employees find little value in their work and dread going into the office. CEO Dudley R. Slater believes that some of the reasons for this phenomenon can be laid at the door of leaders.

Today’s interview is with Dudley Slater. Dudley is the author of Fusion Leadership: Unleashing the Movement of Monday Morning Enthusiasts. Slater was the co-founder and CEO of Integra Telecom where he grew the company from nine to over two thousand employees, transitioning it from a start-up to national prominence as one of the ten largest fiber-based telecommunications companies in the United States. Under Slater’s leadership, Integra raised over $1.3 billion in capital and constructed one of the most advanced metropolitan fiber networks in its region, helping to earn him the distinction of being named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the Northwest in 2011 by Ernst & Young.

In Fusion Leadership: Unleashing the Movement of Monday Morning Enthusiasts Slater combines the powerful stories of eight prominent leaders with his own journey of becoming the leader he is today and what he continues to aspire to be.

Slater and I discuss:

  • The most common reasons for employee dis-engagement
  • Fusion Leadership: what it is and tips for leaders to implement this in their company
  • Challenges he faced on his journey toward Fusion Leadership
  • Techniques leaders can use to diminish the Monday morning slump
  • How to put aside ego to effectively lead a team
  • Lessons he learned from his collaboration with eight nationally recognized CEOs
  • And much more!

Resources Mentioned in the Episode

  • Fusion Leadership Website: https://fusionleadership.org/
  • Fusion Leadership Book: https://fusionleadership.org/fusion-leadership-book/

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