Today’s episode is with Stephen Somers. Stephen is a co-founder of Marketplace SuperHeroes, an information product that teaches anyone how to start an international eCommerce business selling on Amazon.

Stephen Somers has a unique strategy that he focuses on and teaches that is different from anything else out there. Most of his success selling on Amazon involves his method for product and market research. He also has a different philosophy and strategies for expanding into the European market on Amazon, which he’s also had a lot of success from.

Stephen says, “We are all about helping our community of heroes create home based lifestyle businesses selling simple, every day products globally on Amazon. Our aim is to create the #1 place for aspiring entrepreneurs to come to learn how to build a real business from people who have ACTUALLY done it. Our goal is to help 100,000 entrepreneurs create financial freedom by building a home based, lifestyle business using our system. We are genuinely passionate about seeing our members become true business owners rather than just ‘ another Amazon seller looking for the next bright shiny object’ – we are painfully focused on making sure that our heroes learn the skills required to become world class business owners who will have the ability to create income for YEARS not just months or weeks as well as the confidence to know that they can build any business with the skills they’ve learned from us.”

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