Today’s episode is with Simcha Gluck. Simcha is a keynote speaker and global trainer who has been running successful companies since age 20. He moved to the StartUp Nation of Israel from NY about a decade ago and has spent the past five years as the Co-Founder and Chief Fun Officer of FreshBiz. With over 10,000 hours of personal and professional development, Simcha is the author of the book “The New Entrepreneurz: Changing The Way You Play Life” published by Wileys, and was the radio show host of “Innovation Nation.” Currently, Simcha lives his passion for traveling and educating people around the world on how to refresh their lives and businesses through the cutting-edge FreshBiz methodology and the power of game-based learning.

In today’s episode we discuss ways to hack innovation and creativity and how to gamify your life.

Resources Mentioned In The Episode

  • The New Entrepreneurz book:
  • Get the first four chapters of the new Entrepreneurz if you live in North America by texting the word “book” to 44144
  • Fresh Biz website:

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