Today’s episode is with Ash Sobhe. Ash is dedicated to inspiring humanity, technology and developing marketing growth through artificial intelligence, Ash’s body of work spans over two decades which has earned him prestigious recognitions. He has been awarded a signed Sobhe’s certificate for Excellence in Programming by Bill Gates. However, in 2014 Ash was faced with the pure and raw truth of death. Doctors found signs of tumor-like masses in his brain. With visits to various doctors and unconfirmed diagnosis, he decided to turn the life he was living up to the point in a new direction. The goals he had set and accomplished were no longer fulfilling, there had to be more to life than numeric goals and monetary results.

He decided to navigate his energy into something meaningful and live a life of purpose with the pursuit of happiness and success. Success was great with his digital marketing business, ITC, but Ash had a greater vision for his business and relaunched it as R6S. The vision for R6S, otherwise known as “our success”, was to revolutionize the way business relationships are established with the client, as a unique digital marketing agency. It was no longer just about taking the business to the next level and reaching monetary rewards, with his new vision it was about building genuine relationships with other human beings and helping each other grow. Believing everyone has a role to play in this earth, forming part of this ecosystem, he is working to help others to join him on his ongoing path of happiness and success.

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