The average person spends at least 100,000 hours working in their lifetime, yet half of all Americans are unhappy with their careers. It’s time to take control of your journey—whether you’re a millennial starting out or a workforce veteran who has hit a plateau.

Over the past three decades, award-winning CEO Tim Cole has helped launch 20 new brands to the market and has been instrumental in six legitimate blockbusters. Known as a key player the highly competitive world of pharmaceuticals, he’s been intimately involved in sourcing and developing talent throughout the industry. Now, Cole is revealing his killer formula for success.

Tim Cole and I discuss his new book: The Compass Solution: A Guide to Winning Your Career, which provides tools and resources for anyone in any stage of their career. Cole talks about:

  • The 4 cardinal points of “The Compass:” How to repave your path and achieve a sustainable, successful career
  • The power of free agency: Why leaving the corporate confines can be the best decision you’ll ever make
  • The Corporate Divorce Ten: 10 questions to determine if it’s time to quit your job
  • How to handle a bad boss: Unknown tips to help you survive and thrive
  • The 3 most overrated business skills—and why
  • Surviving office politics: Key skills you need to develop before it’s too late
  • The Essential “Adversity Formula:” A Step-by-step guide for managing tough times

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