David Newell is the Head of Brokerage at FEI where they help online business owners sell their businesses ($20K up to $5M) to investors.

The niche has become increasingly popular with buyers online and offline in recent years as people discover the benefits of owning an online investment (passive, location-independent etc).

David tends to focus on helping buyers understand the marketplace so he is a specialist in valuation, investment ideas and acquisition strategy.

He is also the author of 2 e-books, including his NEW and completely FREE Advanced Guide to Buying an Online Business” (http://feinternational.com/advancedguide) which covers everything from business search to closing the deal.

In this episode, David and I talked about:

  • How to buy a passive income stream?
  • Why you should look into buying a business when you can build one? 
  • What sort of people buy online businesses and how do they make money from it?
  • How can you about buying a business? What should you know?
  • How can you set your business up to travel the world without looking at it?

Hope you enjoy our interview here or below