In the era of the millennial, has created a way to have the public’s  voice heard in a fun interactive way that allows the public to create and vote on topics including “The Druggiest Rockstar of All Time,” “Best All Time Movie,” “Best College Football Coach,”  and 11,000 more fun polls.

They have 35-million unique visitors per month, and average 11-million votes a month on topics ranging from entertainment, pop culture, politics, gaming and more.  In doing so, they have brought Silicon Valley to their Los Angeles headquarters while establishing themselves as the go-to company for crowd sourced data and rankings that speak to pop culture while giving a voice to today’s generation using up-to-date methods…the internet.

Today, I have with me Clark Benson, the CEO of Ranker and we discuss his startup successes and failures and how he is essentially using social media and crowdsourced data to tell a story and express public opinion in a way that is not “all about me” as other platforms have become.

We also cover how the company came about, why it was created and how they were able to raise $8-million dollars (1/10 the amount of Buzz feed), but build and audience that mirrors them and other pop culture giants.

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