Did you know that gaming can be really good for you? No, seriously it is. It can even make the world a better place. That’s what I talk about with today’s guests. Today’s interview is with Rezli’s CEO Cory Allison and Director of Operations Cassie Courtney. They believe what makes Rezli special is its applications to many upcoming career paths in tech. With over 1.8 billion gamers in the world today (most of whom are technically advanced), they felt it incumbent upon themselves to help these people begin their journey and start documenting their skills sets in a tool that will help them open doors and find career paths. The interview also covers:
  • Gaming is here to stay; the new wave of career opportunities in tech
  • The art of gaming; the benefits of gaming
  • The rise of eSports in education
  • The booming entrepreneurship culture of Chattanooga

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Listen to the interview here or below: