We all know what kindness is or at least what it means, right? We also know how hard it is to be kind to someone mean or how hard it feels to be kind when we personally have a bad day? As seen, the list of easy excuses is endless and therefore, it is time to focus on the powerful kindness that can really make a difference in our daily lives, not only for ourselves but for the entire world around us.

To begin with, we all have much to do with kindness even though we wouldn’t realize its power at first and that is because the way how we are and cope with each other definitely overlaps the area of kindness. Whether someone is always really mean or kind, we all the time have our charged energy inside of us. Therefore, as it is quite easy to imagine, negative energy has a negative charge and therefore by being negative towards other people simply tears us apart from each other. Conversely, by being positive and having a positive charge, you give so much more kindness to the world than you can possibly imagine.

As stated and seen in our lives, when two different people are mean to each others, those two are simply going further away and the connection gets weaker and weaker. When two positive people meet, they don’t need to change their charges because they right away have a strong foundation at an individual level and therefore, they have the valuable power of kindness between themselves right away.Kindness is powerful

If negative charge tears apart and positive connects, what do they then do together? In our every day life, we always have these situations where we begin our days positive and kind but then throughout the day we face someone who is feeling opposite. That is the most important meeting of charges because that’s when you can, and since this day you got to truly show your positively charged powerful kindness energy. The reason for that is the following: When you don’t lose your kindness in the meeting of negatively charged person, you are inspiring that another person and everyone around you to see the power of positivism, the power of true kindness.

It’s definitely not always easy to stay positive and kind when someone else is really negative and mean but that’s why we are not alone in this world. We were born to be here together so that we can share our energies and stay strong. Since this day, remember to share you positivism with the world, also with negative people. Share it equally with everyone. It’s a bit like saving money for a bad day. When you have a positive charge and you share it to people with the power of kindness, others will remember it and you’ll get it back when you need it. That is the golden rule to live by.

Share positive energy and don’t let negative energy dim you because you can shine and inspire the world with your powerful kindness!


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