I recently had the pleasure of talking to the voice of the Millennial Podcast, Megan Tan which is easily one of my favorite podcasts. Millennial is a podcast series that captures what it’s like to maneuver your 20s in real time.

Megan essentially created her own future and career after contemplating what she wanted to do with her life post graduation. In the midst of this uncertainty, she started producing her own podcast to show prospective employers that she had what it takes to earn a full-time job in the real world.

As life would have it, Millennial, Tan’s podcast became a hit. The Guardian called Millennial “insightful,” and Tan “more likable than anyone in Girls” and The Atlantic rated Millennial 15th on it’s list of “The 50 Best Podcasts of 2015”.


Success caught Tan by surprise but her authenticity continued to win her fans (me included) and she has since gone on to build a career that she loves in the industry she loves. In this episode, we discuss her coming of age stories, what it’s like to deal with unexpected success and her ambitions for the future. Other elements we dive into are the struggles that us millennials face on a daily basis and how she is documenting them.

Resources Mentioned in The Podcast

  • You can listen to Megan Tan’s podcast you can do so by going to MillennialPodcast.org
  • Follow her and the podcast on Twitter: @Millennialpdcast

Catch our episode here or below: