Today’s episode is with Mitali Rakhit. Mitali  is the Founder and CEO of Globelist, a fashion technology company based in New York City and Dubai. Globelist connects brands to retailers and influencers around the world with a focus on emerging markets. A lover of culture and adventure, Mitali has visited over 50 countries and maintains a rooted connection to the fashion industry in India through a family business in textiles. Globelist currently represents a variety of brands from the US and Europe.

With an extensive background in research and data analytics, Mitali has several published book chapters and contributed to a peer reviewed journal article from her time at the Cleveland Clinic. Mitali has developed expertise in sales and marketing as a management consultant at ZS Associates. She combines a deep knowledge of these areas with her passion for fashion and travel to create a revolutionary global B2B platform. She is also the founder of The Brown Girl Boss, a community to make resources available to current and aspiring South Asian female entrepreneurs from the region and throughout the diaspora.

Mitali continues to incorporate a culture of active philanthropy in Globelist’s mission, outreach efforts, and partnerships.

Globelist’s website

The Brown Girl Boss

Mitali’s Twitter Page

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