Can you tell us about your background?

With delight! Well I come from a small town called Dhaka in Bangladesh, a country located in South East Asia enriched with natural scenic beauty and an overwhelming population. In addition to this, I am an only child band I have always had a desire to experiment and be a rebel. I also have another side and that comes from growing up in a loving family.

I grew up among several cultures in a closely knit small cosmopolitan community of people from different sects, religions, beliefs and myths. Such diversity has enabled me to look beyond the tints and shades and identify the basics of humanity.

That in a nutshell is my basic background.

Now Mea you’re the epitome of what it means to be multifaceted. Your past career has included journalism, being a head consultant and being involved in financial product development. You’ve even studied western classical music at ABRSM. Could you talk about what that journey was like for you?

Well, I take your question as a compliment for sure and thank you! Actually, I am a very scatter-brained person and I find it very difficult to stand still. I have always multi-tasked and somehow managed but to be honest with you, being multi-faceted was not that difficult for me.

I started my career as a journalist while I was still a student. That basically served as a pocket money earner for me and once I started liking it, there was no looking back. Then, upon completion of my graduation, I started focussing on stable career paths and landed on financial product development with a well reputed multinational financial institution. And then, as I became settled in my financial job, I found my passion for music and that’s how I got into western classical music theory and instrument.

So you see, for me the multi profiling was only a homogeneous mixture of my pastimes, passions and professions. Once I combined these elements, I could not stop myself from following my dreams! See, it was that simple!

Your recent startup which you founded is called Startup Diary. Please enlighten us on what it’s about and what your goal is.

Sure! “The Startup Diary” is a bridging platform between investors and startups. I find that a lot of startups need a jumping ground to transform their light bulb idea into a reality. It is meant for those daring individuals and change agents, who have the ideas, and just need a little push to start their ventures into the fun and exciting world of startups. Startup Diary basically focuses on:

1. Empowering startups in order to bring them closer to the launch

2. Showcasing existing startups & their success stories and

3. Serving as a bridge between Global Angel investors Network and budding startups, where investors pick the startups they want to invest in

Currently, we are focussing on female entrepreneurs so that they can propel their own engine of development through the startup launch process. You can find more details about the project at

That’s great so you’re essentially carrying forward the torch for women and providing them with a motivation boost as a life and startup coach. Why is this cause so important to you?

Rightly pointed. Well I have a bit of story here. I come from a family that is not afraid of higher education for females or of their independence. Thanks to my parents I could actually be a rebel and cut my way out of the then prevalent conservative cocoon and stomp my feet hard on ground. Once I reached the other side, I saw and I felt what the deprived community of women living in underdeveloped countries belonging to conservative families were missing out on.

This triggered something in me and that was to work towards providing my optimum efforts to try and provide the best opportunities for women in these communities. Even if it’s just to make small talk or give them a pat on their shoulder to serve as a motivational boost.

I do not know how much I can do. I only know that I try. And that helps me face myself at the end of the day, It’s like chicken soup for my soul.

Love it! I think it’s a real great way to use your difference to make a difference for sure and I commend you on that. With recent events happening I think it’s increasingly becoming more and more important to embrace diversity and different cultures. Do you agree?

I agree more! On this note I must also say I love the term “ Use Your Difference to make a Difference”. It sums up the power of difference so neat. I appreciate your motive. And on similar note, I must add, that diversity can generate power, if channelled in the right direction.

So what is living in Bangladesh like?

Well, living in Bangladesh is HAPPENING! The city will keep you awake and energized. Whether it’s with its mesmerizing beauty, the political events and turmoils, the sudden roars of cricket fans once we make it to the ICC Quarter Finals, or the vibrant events of the city life, you are bound to be kept on your toes.

I would say living here is a perfect balance of surprises and shocks and this keeps us going as city dwellers.

Before I let you go, where can we find out more about you, Startup Diary and what you are up to?

Currently I am focussing on prospective mutual partnership with Startup Diary globally to turn this into a global venture. I am looking for prospects that promise the concept a better momentum and reach. For Startup Diary, its just a click away at You can also follow the FB page with same title. As for myself, I welcome feedback/queries/suggestions at; Ciao!