Today’s interview is with Johannes Koeppel, the CEO of WeTravel. He has a pretty inspirational story around travel, entrepreneurship, and changing his life. Out of college, he moved from his native Switzerland to Central Asia to work for the Red Cross first in a prison facility in Uzbekistan, then as head of the Tajikistan office. He leveraged these experiences to earn money by leading groups of Europeans hoping to explore Central Asia off the beaten path.

This became the seed of an idea for a startup, and now WeTravel is an 11 person team speaking 22 languages and representing 8 different nationalities. Anyone can sign up on the site and earn a living or extra side hustle doing similar things across the globe. WeTravel’s growth has been phenomenal, within a year and a half it has organized more than one million in tours just this month.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Johannes’ background as a nomad
  • How Johannes learned how to be a businessman
  • How Johannes found his co-founder
  • How he manages a cross-cultural team
  • What makes WeTravel different

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