Are you ready to take your firm to the next level? How would it feel to be able to say you’ve become a Huffington Post contributor, be regularly interviewed by your dream media outlets or be “Featured On” CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX Television News? Can you imagine how that publicity could grow your business?

Mary Simms, a media savvy PR professional, US Army Vet, Huffington Post & Entrepreneur Mag Contributor let’s us in on how to do all that.

She helps high-powered entrepreneurs and attorneys embrace their influencer status and reduce what they spend on paid advertising while increasing revenue. Her expertise is helping you embrace your expertise and achieve industry icon status through top-tier media placements.

According to Mary, the best way to elevate your brand and increase media generated revenue is by adding value to your pitch, pitching the right contacts within a newsroom, and providing them with an excellent segment idea that’s easy to produce.

Mary is on Twitter at @marysimms and her website at

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