Today’s episode is with Jon Dwoskin an executive advisor, business coach and podcaster extraordinaire. Truly! He hosts 3 podcasts! The THINK BIG Movement Podcast, The 7 Minute Sales Minute Podcast and THINK with Jon Dwoskin. All his podcasts can be found here. He is also the author of The Think Big Movement. When he was 18, his dad gave him Brian Tracy’s audiotape series called The Psychology of Success. That moment began his obsession with self-learning. He has spent every day since then studying business, life and how to grow.

We talked about the following things:

  • How he realized it was time to leave the corporate world and go into business for himself
  • His mantra “Think Big.”
  • Whether it’s possible to teach someone how to be an entrepreneur, or whether it is innate
  • The number one thing that gets companies or people stuck
  • How to grow and reset your company culture?
  • How to hire the right people AND
  • What he learned from trusting his gut for so long

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • Next-Generation Thought Leaders Facebook Group:
  • Thought Leader Academy:
  • Jon’s Podcasts:

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