I interview Kate Sweetman on today’s episode . She is the co-founding partner at SweetmanCragun, a global management consulting, training, and coaching firm. She is an expert on the new competency of Reinvention — the ability to create “quantum individual and organizational change accelerated.”
Together with her co-founder, Shane Cragun, they  have helped leaders, teams, and organizations around the globe increase performance dramatically and today she is sharing their forward-thinking, yet easily applicable guidance for Reinventing proactively, rapidly, and successfully in their new book, Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption.
In our interview, we discuss all this in further detail:
  • The opportunity to proactively leverage disruptive events in an effort to leapfrog the competition and actually accelerate results.
  • The danger and threat of the Six Deadly Blindfolds that leaders and organizations often wear that result in vision loss when dealing with incoming change (and how to successful remove these blindfolds using the Reinvention Agility Matrix).
  • A simple Reinvention Formula* and Reinvention Roadmap* (for both individuals and organizations), and assorted tools that can create breakthrough results, overcome resistance and inertia, and ensure that every change made reinforces and aligns to the end goal.
  • How five Reinvention Accelerators promote the strength necessary to outpace the speed of change.

Be sure to grab their book here on Amazon or here in Barnes & Nobles. It has been getting rave reviews with Ranjini Manian, Founder and CEO, Global Adjustments describing it as  “the go-to leadership book of the decade. Cragun and Sweetman play the role not so much as sages but as trusted guides by your side, providing powerful and practical strategies and tools for immediate business application at the individual and organizational levels.”

Catch our interview here or below: