Helen Roe is a marketing mentor for entrepreneurs. In particular, she works with men by helping them connect and market to women! She comes from a mass market global brand background and has made it her mission to help entrepreneurs and business owners understand how to reach this untapped demographic.

Women are no longer a niche market. They ARE the market – making over 80% of ALL purchase decisions, including high tech products, luxury cars and financial services.

In this episode we go over some steps to do just that and she touches on her Irish, Australian and French connections.

As a gift to the audience she is offering 5 complimentary spots to men who want to

  • Unlock what’s sabotaging the growth of your business so you can make space for real growth
  • Learn how to take inspired action with simple strategies you can implement right now
  • Get clarity and direction on how to effectively reach more female buyers

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Enjoy the episode here or below.